Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hey sup.

a first blog!!(but of course after the intro.)
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the king died and then the queen died

I got a story I created for you today!
Once upon a time, there was a country named Adamantine, which

was ruled by a king named Julio and a queen named Victoria. They were

the best king and queen of the Adamantine history of kings and queens

and everyone was happy. Oppositely, there was land of Shah-ardor,

which the civilians of it lived with eternal grief, hatred, and anger, for

that was what they were taught, and that was their daily life.

Because Shah-ardor was forever angry and hateful, they never

knew the fact about happiness and ecstasy, plus about Adamantine. Only

the king and queen of Shah-ardor knew the Adamantine was a country

that had happy feelings in them. One day, a teenager boy named Victor,

who lived in Shah-ardor set out a journey to the world, very curious

about something other than the grief and hatred. He traveled and

traveled until he found out Adamantine. Everything was bright and

colorful, very different from the dark and gray Shah-ardor. The boy then

realized that his king knew the Adamantine was there, but never told the

people about the place because he knew that the king and queen were

greatest travelers once.
Victor’s anger then began to rise. He hated the King for not telling

him and the other people about joy and happiness. He hated himself for

not realizing earlier. The boy then planned assassination to kill the king.

The day after, Victor arrived at Shah-ardor. It was 2:30 A.M.

Dressed in black, Victor sneaked up to the king’s bedroom, threw a knife

that had a note with it saying, “I hate you for lying” which its end ended

up in the heart of the king.

After 7 hours, the queen woke up screaming. Every servants and

maids have come. They had big widened eyes by the time they got there.

Wrapped in sadness, she unscrambled the note with it. Then she was

dead, with her last words, “Do not read the note.”

Thanks for readin!

Just for Start...

Hi-ya people! Jest started this blog!!!!!!

purleeeaaaseeee look at it delightfully!

don't criticize or anythin like that.

on this blog, I will put random things, like websites I like, News, pics, and info.

thankyo for readin!